Regards Croisés exhibition by Belgian and French artists


From 17 November to 31 December 2016, for its 16th edition, Phot' Aix is offering the opportunity to discover Belgian artists and Belgian contemporary photography. The latest acrobatic feat between realism and poetry.

The photographic festival, Phot’ Aix, is organised in Aix-en-Provence by the association la Fontaine Obscure. It aims to achieve two objectives: that of encouraging contemporary photography by privileging contacts between French and foreign artists during the Regards Croisés international exhibition. And that of going out on to the street and supporting the emergence of new talent by organising thematic photography Itineraries in the city centre.

Thus, for its 16th edition, Phot’ Aix is offering the opportunity to discover contemporary Belgian photography during the Regards Croisés exhibition from 17 November to 31 December 2016. For the occasion, five Belgian photographers are invited to associate their lenses with five French photographers at the Zola gallery in the Cité du Livre, Aix-en-Provence.

The Belgian artists include: Jef Beirinckx (Purim of Antwerp), Sabrina Biancuzzi (Le crissement du temps), Roel Jacobs (Des belges sans voisins), Benjamin Leveaux (This is not America) and Simon Vansteenwinckel (Charlyking).

At the same time, in the city's streets, the Fontaine Obscure association will also install a series of exhibitions offering seven thematic itineraries: "The Road", "Myth or reality", "Memory and Sham", "Free Theme I and II Itineraries", "Exhibition Itinerary at the Fontaine Obscure" and "Changing Territories". This major event is organised in a friendly and open atmosphere that promotes the works of famous and new artists. Through photography, the artists are able to get closer to the public. It is a unique opportunity to visit an urban space and adopt an artistic vision when discovering the city.