A record edition for Brussels’ Kunstenfestivaldesarts


Kunstenfestivaldesarts, a weeks-long art festival in Brussels, had a successful edition in 2024.

Theatre, dance, performance and visual arts, that’s what people have come to expect from Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Over the course of three weeks, visitors are treated to performances by artists from all around the globe, while it has its fair share of homegrown talent as well, such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Sammy Baloji. 

A record 35,118 people wanted a piece of the action this year, which is a quarter more than in 2023, and nearly 10,000 participated in various free activities linked to the festival.  

What’s more, it went out with a bang, with an event integrated into the Zinneke Parade, a biennial parade that aims to connect the melting pot that is the capital of Belgium. Zinneke is a term that refers to people from Brussels who were not born there, as opposed to a ketje. Perfect to combine with Kunstenfestivaldesarts. 

Strange word, isn’t it, this “kunstenfestivaldesarts”? It’s actually a combination of the Dutch word “kunstenfestival” (art festival) and its French translation, “festival des arts”. The more you know!