A museum dedicated to Le Chat due to open in 2020


He requires no introduction. Le Chat, the character from the cartoons of Philippe Geluck, is famous for his humorous reflections with a unique style. This sometimes philosophical, sometimes mocking feline has been capturing readers' hearts for more than 30 years and is now being honoured with his own museum.

The museum project was announced several years ago and now has a scheduled opening date. So in 2020 we will be able to enjoy the collection of items relating to the work of Philippe Geluck. The museum will be located near the Place Royal, behind Brussels Info Palace, in the heart of the Brussels museum district.

The exhibition will be in three parts. Visitors will first be able to admire Geluck's past, present and future work. There will also be temporary exhibitions of works by other humourist illustrators. Finally, the third part will be dedicated to the cat as an animal and its representation in art since Ancient Egypt. The museum will also have a restaurant and a shop.

The illustrator also wanted to recreate a workshop space similar to his own in Ixelles, where he could pop in unannounced and work from time to time. While his biggest fans are waiting for the opening of this temple to Le Chat and chance encounters with his creator, they have the time to re-read the 21 albums of his adventures to make sure they are real experts by the time the exhibition opens!