A midsummer night's dream by Adeline Dieudonné


Adeline Dieudonné has published her second novel, "Kérozène", containing a tragic, funny procession of cruel yet ordinary slices of life. In September 2018, "La vraie vie" (Real Life) sold more than 300,000 copies, a real success for the first novel by the young Brussels native

It is 11.12 pm on a scorching summer night at a service station in the Ardennes. There are twelve people there, under the bright neon lights, along with a horse and a dead body. Juliette, the cashier, and her colleague Sébastien, married to Mauricio. Alika, the Filipino nanny, Chelly, a pole dancing teacher, Joseph, a mite representative...  In one minute, everything will change. Each of them will become the hero of a story, and sometimes, between these stories, bonds will be formed.

Through short, incisively written chapters, Adeline Dieudonné takes us into a bizarre, crazy universe, where a surprise awaits with every page turn.

While waiting for the verdict on "Kérozène", "La vraie vie", which was proclaimed 'Thriller of the Year' by VN (Vrij Nederland) magazine in 2020 (the year its Dutch translation was released), continues its adventures under new guises. The novel has inspired a film, currently in production, and a show, which is finished and due to be performed this summer. Adeline Dieudonné plays the lead role, thus returning to her first profession.