Max Pinckers, a promising photographer


The American news site Forbes has tagged the Belgian photographer Max Pinckers, born in 1988, as a promising talent in the under 30 age group of the arts category.

Since 2015, this Brussels-based photographer has been a nominee of the highly-respected photo agency Magnum, to which Carl De Keyzer also belongs. He was celebrated by Forbes for his ability to give his photos a documentary appearance despite the use of accessories and additional lighting.

From his childhood in Asia, the photographer has maintained a special affection for that region. "I have only been living in Brussels for about four years. I always choose to return to Asia for my photographic work. I feel at home there." He moved to Belgium in 2008 for his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. Since completing the course, “I have worked on the elements of nature. Up until now, I have worked on documentaries and I try to go even further than what might appear to be obvious. I produce fiction. I have several methods for doing this: text, format, distance. Some things are shown in order to try to tell a larger story than the picture itself," explains the artist. "We cannot see it. The image is always in two dimensions, which is annoying," he explains. Therefore, he tries "to make the invisible visible". He settled in Brussels after completing his studies. However, the city is not where he bases his photographs. Nevertheless, he has "been thinking about it for a while".