L'Improviste: the first improvisational theatre arrives in Brussels


There has been an incredible rise in the amount of improvisation performed on the French-speaking scene in Belgium over the last few years. So it comes as no surprise that the first theatre in Brussels to be entirely dedicated to this discipline recently opened its doors in Forest.

Improvisation, a cousin of theatre, is a real institution in Belgium. Many of our actors and comedians have revealed their talents to the public thanks to this discipline, both in Belgium and abroad. They include humourist turned actor Virginie Hocq, as well as Patrick Spadrille, who has been world champion and record holder for the length of his improvisation show on several occasions. It is also thanks to Spadrille that L'Improviste, the first theatre entirely dedicated to improvisation, is now open in Belgium.

He created the L'Improviste association a few years ago together with his cohorts Laurent Cadet, Arnaud Petit and Laurent Van Der Rest, who are passionate about theatre, particularly improv like him.

They perform improvisation for all tastes, adding humour, dance, music and classical theatre, but the buzzword is always improvisation. Nothing is prepared and the actors just follow their imagination or that of the audience, depending on the evening's theme. The association also offers training and internships so it can share its skills and the techniques required for this art form with those who are interested.

A new milestone has now been reached with the opening of a theatre that will be open to the public every evening from Tuesday to Sunday from October to April. The first season promises a wealth of discoveries.

For more information or to see the programme for this season, go to: https://www.improviste.be.