'King of the Belgians' receives award in the United States


'King of the Belgians' has won the 'Global Vision Award' at the Cinequest Film Festival in California. It is the third award in a row for the film by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth. The film had already received the 'SACD Audiovisual Award' and the 'KNF Award' at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Cinequest is a major film festival organised in the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Jose. It is primarily intended to discover new and emerging talent in the film industry. King of the Belgians won the Global Vision Award in the Global Landscapes category. This category consisted of 25 full-length international films, selected on the basis of creative storylines, unique visions, and their overall impact on cinema.

King of the Belgians tells the story of King Nicolas III who, during a state visit to Turkey, receives word that Wallonia has declared its independence. With a solar storm grounding air traffic and preventing communication, the lonely king, played by Peter Van den Begin, is forced to set off on a long trek through the Balkans. During this road trip, he not only discovers the world, but also himself.