Jommeke has China in his sights


The Chinese are getting more and more familiar with the popular Flemish cartoon character Jommeke. Several albums have already been translated into Chinese, and now there are even plans for a film.

Jef Nys' characters are increasingly popular in China. Publisher Ballon Media signed an agreement to translate 20 albums into Chinese, as a trial. These albums sold so fast that there are now plans to translate the almost 300 albums with the comic strip hero with his frizzy hair.

In Flanders, the comic series sells around 1 million copies every year. Chinese publisher Bright Media hopes to surpass these figures. Around 500,000 Chinese albums have already been sold to date.

This success has prompted production company Geronimo to create a Jommeke film. It is intended to be a live action film with real-life actors. For the time being, none of the actors have been announced. Not much is known about the plot either. However, part of the story will take place in China. The Flemish Audiovisual Fund will support production.

It will not be the first film in which Jommeke plays the main role. In 1968, 'De schat van de zeerover' (The Pirate's Treasure) was released, which was a film adaptation of the album of the same name. Jef Nys wrote the script and his son played the lead role.

If everything goes to plan, Geronimo's Jommeke film should appear in cinemas in 2021.