Jan van Eyck's oeuvre is now online, in a single website!


The macro photographs and scientific visual material, such as infrared photos and X-rays, of 20 works by the famous 15th century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck from 11 top museums have now been brought together in a single website.

Art historians from the Centre for the Study of the Flemish Primitives of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in Brussels, their colleagues from the Imaging department and Musea Brugge/Kenniscentrum npo, worked on this large scale project for 2 years, with high quality equipment and according to a standard procedure.

The free online access to this art treasure represents a huge step forward in the study of the founder of internationally acclaimed Flemish art of painting. It is important to note that, going forward, not only Van Eyck specialists will receive a handy tool with which comparative research on the basis of equivalent and high quality materials will be more objective, but also art lovers will find their liking in the razor sharp photos that are offered through an intuitive user interface with zoom function. With its unsurpassed richness of detail, the oeuvre of van Eyck lends itself perfectly to an online visit. This is truly revolutionary when you think that, until now, only a few restorers and museum conservators have had the exceptional privilege of studying this work under a microscope.

And there is more good news: in 2019 the remaining paintings of Jan van Eyck and his workshop will be researched, documented and posted on closertovaneyck.kikirpa.be.