The James Ensor House shines bright like never


The somewhat dusty James Ensor house has been completely renovated and expanded thanks to a new high-quality interactive experience centre. A tribute to the world-famous Ostend symbolist.

Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the unique works, world and way of thinking of James Ensor (1860-1949) can visit the completely renovated and expanded interactive experience centre at the corner of Vlaanderenstraat and Van Iseghemlaan in Ostend. The complex has been modernised.

What are the most attractive features? First of all, thanks to the acquisition of the adjoining dwellings the surface area has been increased by 690 m². The use of multimedia, a specific focus on international visitors, a well-planned visit itinerary, easy accessibility for wheelchair users and a family-friendly environment. For deaf or hard-of-hearing visitors, a written version of the audio guide is available, while blind and visually impaired visitors will enjoy the tour with audio description. In addition to an interactive map showing the places in the world where his works are exhibited, visitors can discover the carnival masks, dolls and piano that were dear to James Ensor..

Five rooms each zoom in on one specific theme. Consecutively an introduction to the world of Ensor, the interiors, Ensor's public life, his criticism and finally his masks and strange characters.

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