"Insyriated" wins an award at Berlinale 2017


"InSyriated", by the Belgian film director Philippe Van Leeuw, has been presented with the 'Europa Cinemas Label' award at the Berlin Film Festival. 'Europa Cinemas Network' is a network of 2,680 screens in 612 cities spread across 33 European countries. By winning this award, "InSyriated" will benefit from additional promotional support and more active distribution in the network's cinemas.

Philippe Van Leeuw, born in Brussels in 1954, studied at the "Images" section of INSAS in his home city and then at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles until 1983. This film director supports a social and poetic cinema in which he endeavours to explore, with modesty, but without complacency the most intimate suffering, where survival no longer depends on the human being, but only on the body and instinct.

"InSyriated" is his second full-length film. In this film, he explores the situation of a family in Syria, in Damascus, in the middle of the war.