A gripping thriller in the heart of the Belgian capital


For her third thriller, after "Meurs mon ange" and "La parole du chacal", Clarence Pitz has chosen her native city, Brussels, as the setting for her latest novel "Ineffaçables" and urban art as the main theme. More than pretexts for the unfolding of a thriller with unfathomable darkness, these elements become characters in their own right.

Pitz's vivid imagination is nourished by her life experiences: seven years as director of the General Directorate of Criminal Records, her work as a teacher of anthropology and art history, and, last but not least, her passion for her city as a guide.

The (authentic) appearance of a mural fresco representing a penis on three floors of a façade in Saint-Gilles seems to be linked to a particularly violent and sordid aggression. From there, the mural frescoes and assaults follow one another in this autumn of 2016, in a city traumatised by recent attacks. Three policemen take the case in hand. You will feel as if you are part of the team as they carry out a particularly difficult investigation. In passing, let us point out that the dialogues of the trio are full of Belgisms and Brussels expressions, each of them being explained at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in intrigue, art in general and urban art in particular, and/or the discovery of a Brussels, both classic and unusual, this novel will undoubtedly appeal to you.