Great sculptures in a splendid garden


If you like sculptures and you like walking, a beautiful garden in a small East-Flemish town is the place to be for the coming months.

For the past twenty-two years, the small town of Kluisbergen has been the scene of a very special open-air exhibition: Lieve Roeland and Piet Willequet open their garden of 3,5 hectares to the public for what they have coined ‘Sculptour’.

A total of 74 international artists’ sculptures beautify their garden, which Willequet has likened to a small version of the Flemish Ardennes.

This year’s edition of the Sculptour is called ‘InterFaces’ and includes a combination of artists who have been present at past editions and new names. Some Belgians feature among the newcomers, with Jacques Dujardin, Philippe Gouwy, Joachim Louis, Tom Maebe, Zjos Meyvis, Arnaud Sprimont and Reinhilde van Grieken.

But wait, there’s more! We mentioned the imposing microcosm of a garden, but the couple also have a gallery with a good 70 works of art in it.

Fun fact: cycling fans will enjoy the area as well. The domain is located on the Tour of Flanders street (yes, that’s its actual name). The street of 1,2 kilometres long is a homage to cycling, including a Wall of Fame of men and women who have won the Tour of Flanders.

Whether you get there on four wheels, two, or any other way, what better way to enjoy the Belgian summer than with artistic and botanical savoir-faire?