The grand history of Ghent at STAM


The Ghent City Museum (STAM) displays the history of the city chronologically from the Middle Ages to the present. The visitor takes a highly informative yet playful course, consisting of hundreds of fascinating objects alternating with interactive multimedia applications.

STAM's main eye-catcher remains, of course, the giant 300m² aerial photo, which gives you the impression of ‘floating’ above the city at present. This is a huge hit, and only after this do you take a deep dive into its history. The permanent exhibition, The Story of Ghent, can be visited at any time. All facets of the city are explored.

The multimedia application Views of Ghent reveals four centuries of history in Ghent in detail, running from a city view from 1534 to street maps from 1641 and 1912.

Following your visit to the six large themed halls, containing 300 fascinating objects, you will know Ghent a good deal better, from the city in the Middle Ages to its present incarnation with its knowledge and culture.

You can also walk past the large-format artistic photos of the modern-day city, taken by Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer. A sound bank contains all manner of testimonies about Ghent. Not forgetting the ever-changing ‘gallery of the future’ to finish with.

Particular thought has also gone into children up to the age of 9. They can discover STAM by solving puzzles or making Lego models of buildings.

You can find more information on this exhibition at STAM.