French magazine calls Brussels ‘the new cool’


The French magazine Les Inrockuptibles has put Brussels in the spotlight. In its ‘Brussels in the new cool’ column, the journal asked Brussels artists how the Belgian and European capital had managed to become a dazzling city of culture.

Les Inrockuptibles, better known as Les Inrocks, is a French culture magazine that is published weekly. The journal showered praise upon Brussels across two special editions. According to the magazine, it all began with the video clip ‘Formidable’ by Stromae, which was recorded in Brussels. This put the European capital on the map as a city of culture. Then there are many more musical performers who breathe new life into the French-language song. Good examples would be the Brussels hip-hop singer Roméo Elvis and his talented sister Angèle. They appear on the front page of one of the two editions; actress Virginie Efira is on the cover of the other edition.

Besides musical performers, the city is also home to a wealth of interesting authors such as Myriam Leroy and David Van Reybrouck, who wrote the book ‘Congo’, and film-makers like Joachim Lafosse.

With these special editions, France is showing great esteem for its northern neighbour.