Flemish police series 'Professor T.' goes international


The Flemish police series 'Professor T.' has caught international attention: both the French TF1 and the German ZDF are looking to make their own version of the television series. Earlier, Australia and the Netherlands already bought the broadcasting rights and talks are still in progress with other countries.

With a million television viewers every Sunday evening, TV series 'Professor T.' has been a real hit for the last two years on the Flemish public broadcaster. The success of the police series has not gone unnoticed abroad. Australia and the Netherlands have already bought the broadcasting rights of the series, and now the French TF1 and German ZDF are interested in producing their own remake. The recording of the German version with famous actor Matthias Matschke would take place in Antwerp, while the French version with leading man Mathieu Bison has chosen Nantes as its setting. The French remake would be televised in the spring of 2017.

The police series tells the story of Professor of Criminology Jasper Teerlinck, also known as Professor T., who, upon the request of a former student, helps the federal judicial police in Antwerp as a consultant. The series was created by Paul Piedfort, who also worked as a scriptwriter on the crime series 'Aspe' and the film 'De hel van Tanger'. The leading role in the original Flemish version is played by Koen De Bouw, who acquired fame mainly for his roles in the films 'De zaak Alzheimer' and 'Loft'. He called the role of the uncompromising Professor T. one of the biggest challenges of his career.