European literary prize for Nathalie Skowronek


The 2020 European Union Prize for Literature has been awarded to the young Belgian writer Nathalie Skowronek for her book "La carte des regrets".

The EU Prize for Literature is organised by a consortium comprising the European Writers' Council, the European Federation of Authors and Translators and the umbrella organisation of publishers' associations. A jury of experts was formed in each country to select a national winner on the basis of common criteria. 

The main aim of the prize is to recognise and promote emerging literary talent in the European Union. Thirteen countries were involved this year. And for Belgium, the winner was Nathalie Skowronek, a young woman from Brussels who is working on her fourth novel. 

After "Karen et moi", "Max, en apparence" and "Un monde sur mesure", her latest book "La carte des regrets", published at the start of the year by Grasset, confirms the strength of her talent. Her bittersweet novel tells the story of two men pondering the death of the woman they both loved. The plot revolves around this enquiring by the husband and lover about the reasons for the famous publisher's disappearance. Was it suicide, murder or just accidental death?