Egmont Palace becomes a temple of music


Bruxelles Ma Belle was created in 2010. Ever since we have been able to discover Brussels in a most unusual musical manner. The initiative centres around artists passing through or visiting the European capital, associating them with highly unique locations. In doing so, cafés, theatres, museums, churches, squares and shops become the backdrop for some atmospheric performances.

Bruxelles Ma Belle takes care that artists are filmed in places that suit their music. It is a win-win for both the artist and the city of Brussels. Artists are given the chance to reinterpret one of their hits among unique surroundings. Institutions such as the Royal War Museum, the Gallery at the Naamse Poort and Solvay Library are delighted with the publicity and the extra attention created by these mini concerts.

Meanwhile, the offer has become really varied. For example, the son of Mali's music legend Ali Farka Touré played a set at the Brussels stock exchange; the French singer Camille agreed to performing in the Church of Our Lady of Finisterrae and the Belgian singer Arno gave a splendid performance during a prior appointment at a local hairdresser’s.

One of the most recent, not to mention prestigious recordings was made at the Egmont Palace. The palace is not accessible to the general public. It currently serves as an exclusive meeting place for diplomatic dignitaries and for international conventions and seminars organised by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Belgian pop and folk group Dan San were invited to record one of their hits for Bruxelles Ma Belle in the palace hall.

In the meantime the 125 artists filmed at 89 different locations can be found on the website Bruxelles Ma Belle. Besides viewing the recording of the performance you can also find a description of the artist and the selected location on the website.  Those wishing to remain up to date and find out about the latest recordings are able to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.