Carl Norac commissioned to write about Belgium


Belgian poetry is on a journey and is inviting us along.

Carl Norac was inducted as National Poet at the Brussels International House of Literature Passa Porta. He became our country's official bard in January of this year and will remain in the post for two years. He will focus on writing poems inspired by Belgium, its history and current events, meeting the public and schools but first and foremost making Belgian poetry better known within and outside our borders.

The author of an abundant body of work, both in poetry and theatre, he has published some fifty books for young people over the last 20 years, working with the best illustrators; his works include Les mots doux (1996), which achieved record sales in the USA and the rest of the world. In 2005 he was chosen for the Paris "Lire en fête" literary festival, and his texts were displayed in the Paris Metro. In 2011, his work was displayed in the Brussels Metro for the "Transpoésie" event. His award-winning poetry collections include Le Maintien du désordreChiens rouge, Éloge de la Patience, and Sonates pour un homme seul. Emotional relationships and a taste for travel are his two favourite themes.

Speaking about himself, he said, "I like to say poet because it's a rather trite word. It's my favourite kind of literature because it transcends all others. Whether I'm writing a book, prose, or drama, the little spark that starts me off is always poetry."