Burkland, a successful Belgian web series


Burkland is a Belgian web series produced by RTBF Webcréation. After submitting the pilot to the public vote, the channel has finally obtained a production budget. The first season, broadcast in spring 2016, with great success.

Surfing the zombie trend driven by The Walking Dead, Burkland currently has 11 episodes of around 7 minutes each. During their honeymoon, Julia and Jack stopped in Burkland. No one has seen them again since. Julia's smartphone, containing images of what happened in this now-abandoned village, is found by two children. Lou, a professional journalist, will try to unravel the mystery of Burkland.

For total immersion in the adventure, RTBF recommends watching this web series on a smartphone using headphones. Part of the series itself was filmed directly on an iPhone. Burkland has also won several awards, including the Web Series Award at the "Paris Court Devant" Festival and the "Best Production" and "Best Editing" trophies at Marseille Web Fest.