Brussels spends a month celebrating comics


Are you ready for a four-week comic book adventure to the four corners of Brussels? From 10 September to 10 October, our capital will be abuzz with comic book heroes from all over the world, with exhibitions, workshops, conferences, book-signing sessions, guided tours, games and the Atomium Comic Strip Prizes.

Since the 10th anniversary in 2020 could not take place as planned, the organisers decided to double down this year, while spreading the activities over a longer period of time and avoiding large gatherings of visitors.

This year, the Comic Strip Festival has put Korea in the spotlight, both to mark the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Belgium, and to promote the fascinating world of comic strips in Korea, one of the world's leading comic book producing countries. It was in 1909 that the first manhwas (comics in Korean) appeared in the country; they have now evolved into Webtoons or digital comics that can be read vertically on a smartphone.

It is Corto Maltese himself inviting you to the event, via a poster illustrated by Bastien Vivès, who will take on Hugo Pratt's famous hero in the company of scriptwriter Martin Quenehen.

All the details of the events can be found on the website

And if you can't make it to Brussels, listen to the podcast for a comic book tour while looking at the photos.