Bruges launches its fourth triennial


Bruges is hosting a triennial for the fourth time this year, with contemporary art and architectural installations in all corners of the picturesque city.

This year, the triennial has been given the optimistic title of Spaces of Possibility. It “explores the latent potential of the city” while having an eye for change and sustainability. At the same time, they ask the question, “how can contemporary art and architecture create a new framework for these processes?”

Leave it to artists like Adrien Tirtiaux or the Brussels-based group Traumnovelle (Belgian architects among the attractive and promising international group of artists and architects on display in the Venice of the North) to find the answer to that question. Unless the viewer is expected to deliver such an answer?

There are guided tours, both for groups and individuals, though the most adventurous might take satisfaction with a handy interactive city map, available online in various formats, and free for download. The attentive viewer will notice on the interactive map that one installation is not in Bruges but on the beach in Zeebrugge, north of the city.

If you go for the complete triennial experience, why not make the most of your time at the seaside and explore the other seaside towns by riding the coastal tram?