The Bruegel dynasty at the Holburne Museum in Bath


If you're in Bath, a city in the county of Somerset in South West England, or nearby, from now until 4 June 2017, be sure to visit the exceptional exhibition on the Bruegel dynasty at the Holburne Museum. It presents 29 works including masterpieces from the National Gallery, Royal Collection Trust, the National Trust, the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Ashmolean Museum and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

The Bruegel dynasty is a both a fascinating and central case. Over three generations, this exceptional family would develop the most symptomatic representations of an era, a way of life and customs across an entire region, Flanders and northern Europe to the Renaissance. In addition to Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his sons Pieter Bruegel the Younger and Jan Bruegel the Elder, the latter's sons also worked as painters. Pieter Bruegel the Younger had seven children, his nephew had eleven. At least five of them were painters.

Among the paintings on display, take a moment in front of "The Wedding Dance in the Open Air", which has always been considered as a late copy of Pieter Bruegel the Elder but which, after a good clean has in fact been confirmed as a work by his son, Bruegel the Younger.

For all practical information about this event and some photographs of the most outstanding pieces, visit this website.