Black music in the spotlight at the Halles de Schaerbeek


Mass forced migrations have taken place over the previous centuries, from the vast plains and forests of Africa to the islands of Jamaica, the large plantations of Brazil and the southern United States.

These resettlements resulted in specific types of culture, depending on where they emerged.

Musical genres are one of them. From griots (singer-storytellers) from West Africa to rappers from the Bronx and including blues, jazz and reggae, the Halles de Schaerbeek is offering an extensive musical stroll through time and space with its new interactive, sensory and immersive exhibition: Great Black Music. It is not just the artistic aspect that will appeal to visitors, but also the role of music and song as a vehicle for politics and protests.

A single visit will not be enough to fully enjoy everything that is on offer here. Visitors will be forced to make a choice based on their main interests, as there are six hundred square metres, six themed rooms, dozens of instruments and hundreds of hours of audiovisual archives on offer. Lastly, a musical playlist will prolong the charm of what you have just experienced once you get home.

Due to COVID-19, you must bring your own headphones or earphones, which are essential for the visit. For practical information, please visit the Halles de Schaerbeek website.