Biggest slide in the world soon open to the public


Mountaineers were needed to build the biggest slide in the world. The slide is located at Comics Station in Antwerp, which will open its doors on 3 April 2017. All preparations are currently being made to ensure the slide provides unrivalled thrills.

The slide in the Comics Station in Antwerp will be the biggest in the world. The slide is 22.5 metres high and 51 metres long, which was enough to knock off a slide in Shanghai from the top spot. Comics Station in Antwerp Central station is a theme park based around Belgian comic strip characters. The general public will be able to visit the park from 3 April 2017, and discover the wonderful world of the Belgian comic strip. A few lucky individuals have already tried out the slide. This was a necessary first test to ensure that the slide provides the very best experience.

A considerable amount of expertise is required to build and maintain a slide this big. For example, a whole week was required to get all the necessary material inside. Additionally, the cleaning team from the Atomium in Brussels were called in to keep the slide spick and span.  There are more than 60 attractions in the indoor theme park, spread over four floors. In addition, there are interactive elements and hands-on activities so that children, and perhaps adults, have even more to enjoy. Comics Station is an experience for the whole family, from children to grandparents! Perfect for a wonderful family day out.