Belgians are more and more fond of TV series


It has now become usual to curl up on the sofa and watch a few episodes of your favourite TV series. And it's even better if they're produced in Belgium. So, good news: here's something new in the world of Belgian TV.

Since early December, the movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has starred as the hero in a new series. In Jean-Claude Van Johnson, we find out about the double life that he has led for years; in addition to being an actor, our national JCVD was also working as a secret agent under the name of Jean-Claude Van Johnson. After taking a break of some years, he decides to return to the service. The series, completely self-mocking, focuses on the challenges that JCVD has to overcome to get back into shape to deal with  bloodthirsty gangsters.

Still in the crime genre, but less comical, the streaming service Netflix has announced its partnership with the VRT, among others, to produce a new series with a local flavour. With Tom Waes as the lead character, the series Undercover will be set on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, where a large drug network is dealing ecstasy. Its prosperity is threatened when two undercover agents infiltrate this network... A must-watch series on VRT or Netflix in 2019!

The RTBF, in partnership with the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, has decided to finance six projects through the Fonds Séries Belges (Fund for Belgian Series). There'll be series for every taste, from comedy with the series Prince Albert, to the supernatural with Brussels Experience and even crime drama with Undercover (which has the same name as the Belgian-Dutch co-production with Netflix, not to be confused)

The streaming service has also invested in the Belgian quality. In addition to Undercover (the Dutch version), in its catalogue, Netflix offers two Belgian series that have met with resounding success abroad: La Trêve, produced by RTBF and Beau Séjour by the production house De Mensen. That’s more than enough to keep us waiting for the release of new series!