Belgian architect designs futuristic transformation for Luxembourg post office


Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has won an international competition to renovate the historic 'Hôtel des Postes' in Luxembourg City. Ecology is once again the central element, as is the case in the majority of the architect's designs.

The post office was designed by Luxembourg architect Sosthène Weis in the early 20th century. Vincent Callebaut Architectures has now won an international competition to renovate the building. However, discussions will still be held with the local authorities to look at the precise building conditions.

The new incarnation of the former post office will be multi-functional. Space has been set aside for a number of residential units, a brewery and a restaurant. Callebaut has incorporated all of these into his modern design, with the glass dome in particular standing out. The plan is to fit it with solar cells, which will supply the building with energy all year round.

Consideration for green energy and ecology is often prominent in Callebaut's work. In his plans for Paris Smart City 2050, he designed prototypes of residential towers to be built according to bioclimatic standards. Once again, he focused on innovative ways to generate and use renewable energy.