BBC to start filming “Les Misérables” in Belgium


Belgium will serve as a backdrop for the BBC's production of ‘Les Misérables’. Filming is due to take place from February until July in various locations across the country.

Victor Hugo's epic tale is the subject of the BBC's new six-part series. Les Misérables tells the moving tale of its early nineteenth-century protagonist, Jean Valjean, who is sent to jail for 19 years for stealing bread. His criminal past continues to haunt him in a French society that is marked by turbulence, rebellion and social injustice.

Join some stellar British actors on set. Dominic West will play Jean Valjean. David Oyelowo is Valjean's cruel rival, Javert, while Lily Collins will interpret Fantine. Andrew Davies, who wrote the script of several episodes of House of Cards and the film Bridget Jones’s Diary, will bring the story to life.

Filming started in February and will run until June 2018 in Belgium. The crew shot for example some night-time scenes in Namur. Namur has a wide range of different historical buildings, which will transport the viewer back in time to the nineteenth century. The crew will also film in France.

Several award-winning musical adaptations of Les Misérables have already been made, including a film in 2012. This timeless story continues to inspire viewers and readers the world over.