Angèle and Roméo Elvis win an NMA!


The two Belgian artists continue to make headlines. The brother and sister from Brussels have just won the coveted trophy at the NRJ Music Awards on Saturday night.

It was not exactly a surprise. Belgian artist Angèle, nominated in no fewer than five categories, won the Award for the best Francophone Female Artist of the Year in Cannes with a resounding victory. She won 44% of the public vote, way ahead of the other nominees in her category, namely Aya Nakamura, Jenifer, Vitaa and Clara Luciani.

And there was more good news, as the song "Tout oublier", which she sings with her brother Roméo Elvis, was also voted best Francophone Song of the Year. The two Brussels singers can be proud of this resounding success considering the hard work they have put in over the last three years. Their complementary styles, a combination of pop and rap, led them to make this hit which is famous the world over.

This success takes nothing away from their simplicity, as they accepted this award with humility: Roméo Elvis had this to say about his sister, "We try to take advantage of the moment, we are still discovering things, this is our first major ceremony (...). It's cool to be here with my little sister, and I'm glad she is here, as it would be harder without her."