The world's largest malt factory is coming to Antwerp


With the new extension to its site in Antwerp, Boortmalt will soon become the largest malt factory in the world.

Currently Boortmalt employs a staff of 130 and produces an annual total of 360,000 tons of malt. As from the summer of next year its capacity will grow by 110,000 tons, earning it the title of the ‘largest malt factory in the world’.

Boortmalt already plays a crucial role within the French cereal cooperative Axéréal, which has ten sites across Europe. Furthermore, Antwerp will soon accommodate a new research and development centre, serving the entire group.

Exports will also be made from Antwerp to South America, Africa and Asia, all countries whose beer industries are growing. Boortmalt's customers include familiar beer giants such as AB InBev and Heineken, together with many medium-sized and traditional breweries.

Malt is in fact grain that has germinated and is then dried, creating the raw material for beer, genever and whisky, as well as a number of other foodstuffs, such as syrup and spreads.