World Premiere: Helicopter Runs on Fossil-Free Fuel


The environmental transition continues its momentum, even in aviation. D-Motor, based in Deerlijk, West Flanders, introduces the world's first helicopter powered entirely by fossil-free fuel.

On Friday, April 26th, the Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport and its surroundings were bustling with excitement. The groundbreaking DKT 07, a two-seater helicopter propelled by an extremely lightweight engine running exclusively on non-fossil fuel, garnered significant attention. Designed and manufactured predominantly by the Belgian company D-Motor, boasting years of experience in producing engines for airplanes, helicopters, and drones, this new aircraft boasts impressive specifications: an empty weight of 375 kg, a cruising speed of 190 km/h, a range of 4 hours, and a price tag of €300,000 excluding VAT. Compared to a conventional combustion engine, this innovation offers significant advantages: cleaner, lighter, cheaper, and quieter propulsion, with a lifespan eight times longer than an electric motor.

The DKT 07 has already undergone comprehensive testing and approval. Additional test flights will continue until September to ascertain its performance in all weather conditions and altitudes. Following this, it will be ready for commercialization. Regular flights with this aircraft are expected to be authorized in Belgium by the end of 2024.

Best wishes accompany the DKT 07 into this new era of green aviation.