World first in residential care home: smart lamp detects residents' falls


Elderly people can start to feel a lot safer in the long run. The Antwerp-based tech start-up Nobi is marketing a lamp that uses artificial intelligence to detect when someone has fallen and can summon help if required.

Smart Belgian technology, designed primarily for residential care homes and service flats. The lamp can provide considerable support, especially at night when the team of care workers is usually less staffed. Not only can it spot a fall, it will even ask the resident questions about it. For example, whether they feel it is necessary to alert a staff member. The system should enable longer carefree independent living. Fall detection and communication are the main tasks, but the concept has even more feathers to its cap. It is alert around the clock, blends discreetly into the ceiling, does not tolerate any prying eyes, is easily installed without additional wiring, provides automatic lighting when you get up, and continuously measures room temperature and air quality.

Residential care home De Gerstjens in Aalst was the first to volunteer. It was a success. Staff and residents alike saw that it was good. Efficient action could be taken immediately. Quick help is double help! Reason enough for Nobi to eventually roll out the tests for its new invention more widely. More than welcome when you consider that, according to the World Health Organization, one in three people over 65 fall at least once a year and 66% of the unlucky ones are also seriously injured in the process.