Walloon export is doing great!


With growth of more than 8.4%, and a total amount of €24 billion, sales of Walloon goods have set a new record. An upward trend since 2017!

The figures reported by AWEX are indeed promising. Within the European Union, sales have increased by 5.6%. But it is clearly exports "outside Europe" that are making remarkable progress, with growth of 18.9%.

The United States (+45.4%) remains, along with France and Germany, our best customers. Alongside them, we can now also count China (+32.7%). Africa has also been hungry for Walloon products, as has the Middle and Far East. Closer to home, and despite Brexit, the United Kingdom continues to appreciate our products (+6.8%).

In terms of exported products, it is the chemical and pharmaceutical industries that remain at the top of the list of exporting sectors. Indeed, more than 38% of the exported products come from this specific sector.

Generally speaking, Walloon exports are growing faster than those of our European neighbours and Belgian compatriots... Perhaps this is due to the good example set by Flanders, whose companies still account for more than 80% of Belgian sales!