Vuitton has exceptional diamond cut in Antwerp


Louis Vuitton hired HB Antwerp to cut an exceptionally large and clear diamond: Sethunya, 549 carats, one of the largest stones in the world.

This ‘flower’, as Sethunya means in the local language, was taken from the ground in Botswana, geologically richly endowed. Uncommonly bright and white in colour for a rough diamond. Despite its exceptional size, it probably would have gone unnoticed were it not for the appropriate cutting-edge technology, the MDR-XRT device, programmed to detect diamonds with the highest carbon content (kimberlite) in mudslides, and would have been pulverised without a trace.

This is the second time that Vuitton has asked the Antwerp business HB Company to grind a stone of such size. The choice was prompted by the company's reasoning: the most advanced technology, the transparent path the diamond takes from mining to delivery of the final product and the ability of the buyer to make choices: basically, top-quality jewellery and made to measure. Thanks to these assets, Antwerp is aiming to regain its centuries-long prominence.