Volvo Ghent to produce a second electric model


The production capacity for electric cars will increase significantly at Volvo Ghent, which will produce a second model of this type this year.

Volvo Ghent achieved a great deal in 2020. Although the plant produced 5.5% fewer cars in this pandemic year than in 2019, this was still a great achievement as the plant had to close for a full five weeks in the spring due to coronavirus.

Since last March, the plant has been assembling batteries for the all-electric models that began to be released in autumn. This year, the production capacity for electric vehicles will triple, as announced by Volvo Ghent Factory Manager Stefan Fesser, who says that 135,000 100% electric cars are expected to be released between summer and the end of this year.

This second electric model, which is fully in line with environmental concerns, will be a source of pride for the workers and Belgium in general. In the same vein, special attention will be paid to initiatives related to water savings in the production process and other forms of energy saving.

The country's two car plants, Audi Forest and Volvo Ghent, are now focusing on the future and electric vehicles.