Uber Belgium makes changes that favour drivers


Among some of the major changes made by the passenger transport service platform, Uber Belgium, it has been decided that waiting time will be invoiced to customers after two minutes and that the free cancellation period will be reduced.

The company is also going to improve the flexibility of its app for its drivers. On the one hand, by notifying them of "long" fares (more than 30 minutes) so that they are able to make an informed decision about whether to accept or refuse them. On the other hand, drivers will soon be able to provide details about a destination where they have to be at a specific time (to collect their children from school, for example), so that Uber undertakes to offer them fares that go in this direction rather than sending them to the other side of the town. The aim is to improve the Uber experience for drivers and, therefore, the attractiveness of the job.

Uber offers three services in Brussels: UberX (transport of private individuals), UberBlack ("luxury" version of UberX) and UberVan (group transport). There are currently about 500 drivers for 60,000 users.