Two Belgians make jewels from the crown of England weightless


Thanks to its gravity window, Liège-based company Levita allowed 17 tiaras that belonged to the royal families of Europe to be admired as they levitated in the windows of Sotheby's.

Behind the breathtaking technical challenge are two Liège residents, Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard, who founded Levita. It took them one and a half years of work to create their first box that has made object levitation more accessible. And the luxury industry has been snatching up the services of these two "magicians" since late 2019.

This success is all the more convincing since, less than a year ago, this Belgian innovation was one of the few selected for the start-up incubator of the French luxury giant LVMH. This leverage now means that they are invited by the world's greatest houses to enhance the most precious objects in their famous gravity windows.

It is therefore not surprising that Sotheby's, the famous auction house specialising in works of art, called upon the Liège-based company to exhibit 17 tiaras, some of which belonged to the British royal family, as part of the jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II.

Literally floating weightlessly within glass enclosures, these priceless pieces of jewellery that were worn by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II and even Princess Diana, are currently visible from every possible angle.

We are sure that this inventive Belgian company will develop other applications in the future.