Turbulent, an innovative energy


It is possible to consistently produce clean energy without impacting the ecosystem. Hydraulic turbines convert the power of small streams into energy.

Belgian start-up Turbulent is developing micro-hydro power plants that are not only affordable, but also produce energy without affecting ecosystems and local communities. Unlike dams, which require fairly substantial investment and work, the Turbulent facilities are less expensive and do not have a harmful impact on the local environment. They are therefore suitable for remote areas that do not have access to energy. The project also has the advantage that its turbines can run 24 hours a day and so produce energy continuously.

The initiative for this ambitious project came from Geert Slachmuylders from the province of Antwerp. At the 2012 CleanTech Challenge, his project aroused the interest of financial and legal expert Jasper Verreydt. They then embarked on this adventure together and founded the company in 2015. They have already installed turbines in Bali and Chile so far, with more under construction in Taiwan, the Philippines, Suriname, France and Estonia. 

Turbulent has also received some ten awards, such as the WW Orcelle® Award, the Engie Endeavor Innovation South America and the EIT Venture Award. The future of this start-up looks promising.