Sustainability prevails in the workplace


We have long been familiar with sustainable agriculture and energy. Today, JUUNOO from Zwevegem in West Flanders also shows us how we can furnish our offices in a smart and sustainable way.

Traditional disposable walls, which are still the norm in the office furnishings market, are a bad idea both economically and environmentally. Not only are they very expensive, they also seriously damage the environment. It is estimated that 1.05% of global CO₂ emissions are due to the non-reuse of these materials. This is quite worrying in the current geopolitical and climatic context.

The 2016 scale-up JUUNOO - a contraction of Juul and Noor, the names of the two children of the company's founder and boss - is taking up the challenge of convincing the Belgian construction sector of the urgent need to do things differently. To this end, it has developed all kinds of cost-effective circular solutions, such as glass partitions and walls, call boxes and meeting boxes. They are beautiful modules, easily adjustable in height, that you can assemble and disassemble as often as you like and to which you can attach decorative panels. They are even seven times faster to install than a conventional wall. And they are perfectly recyclable at the end of their life. The company also buys back any glass walls or conference boxes that the customer no longer needs, with a money-back guarantee.

It is no wonder that JUUNOO has already won several awards for its sustainable business model