Soon to be ecological and sustainable crop protection?


Biotech company Biotalys from Zwijnaarde hopes to launch an equally efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chemical control in 2022. Their biological agent is based on unique properties of antibodies from llamas. A world first.

How does this innovative procedure work? Biotalys copies the information from specific llama antibodies to create synthetic proteins in the lab that will combat disease and plagues in plants. With its first agent, BioFun-1 for combatting mould in fruit and vegetables, Biotalys has already withstood the lab tests and more than 100 field tests. The dossier requesting recognition will be submitted in 2020, and BioFun-1 should then be ready to enter the market from 2022.

Higher yields per hectare without chemical residues and with less food waste: a combination of the advantages of traditional and organic cultivation methods encourages more sustainable agriculture.

And our health can only benefit from this innovative procedure work.