Soil remediation, a first in Wallonia


Slightly to heavily contaminated soils and sediments are now being treated, cleaned and recycled into secondary building materials in the heart of Liège. The Jan De Nul Group has just delivered and installed a physico-chemical soil washing facility in the soil reclamation centre of its environmental subsidiary Envisan. It is a 100% circular solution.

Envisan has been treating and recovering soil and sediment on this 3.5 ha site on Monsin Island in Liège since 2016. It has an annual capacity of 250,000 tons. Its target customers are the civil and environmental projects of the Jan De Nul Group, construction companies in the Liège region and, finally, the industrial and infrastructure market outside the province of Liège and abroad, particularly in Luxembourg and France. To this end, it has a network of geographically dispersed recycling centres.

The physico-chemical washing facility, which was transported to the port area of Monsin Island by boat, is an example of advanced circular economy and technology. The world can only become greener, and therefore better.