Skyscraper in New York takes on Belgian colours


The '70 Pine', one of the most prestigious skyscrapers in New York, has recently been reopened, partly owing to the contribution of the Belgian real estate group AG Real Estate.

Many New Yorkers still associate the '70 Pine' with the former headquarters of the insurance organisation 'American International Group' (AIG). In the past three years however, the building underwent a complete makeover, which transformed it into a complex consisting of 644 luxury apartments, 132 hotel rooms, various stores, a fitness centre and a restaurant.

The recent reopening of the '70 Pine' is not only a major event for New York, it also gives Belgium reasons to be proud. After all, in 2013 AG Real Estate acquired a one-third interest in DTH Partners LLC, the current building owner, and thus threw its weight behind this ambitious project.

Since its opening in 1932, the '70 Pine' is considered one of the most impressive Art-Deco towers in New York. The iconic skyscraper has 66 floors and is 290 metres tall.