Sensors for the cars of the future


Xenomatix is a Belgian company based in Leuven. It specialises in the design of lidar sensors, a technology that will play an important role in the development of autonomous cars.

The company designs sensors which make it possible to accurately measure how fast an object is moving, and how far away it is. Its technology, renowned for its high resolution, will initially be applied to semi-autonomous cars and then to fully autonomous cars.

Having recently announced a development agreement with the Italian company Marelli, Xenomatix will be making the most of the show to preview its products: "We have incorporated our sensors into the front of a car. On a screen, these will display a cloud of 3D points that shows all the people who walk in front of the car" explains Filip Geuens, Managing Director of Xenomatix. This demonstration will show the system's ability to process a large amount of complex information in real time.

By participating in the show, Xenomatix aims to assert its position as a "secondary supplier" to the automotive sector, a typical position in the supply chain for a major subcontractor. It is also one of the few companies offering lidar technology (light detection and ranging) to car manufacturers.