Say #Yes2Belgium


On Wednesday 22 June, Prime Minister Charles Michel participated to the « #Yes2Belgium » event organised by 11 Chambers of Commerce, among which the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium. During this event, Belgium has been presented in a positive way by a group of international professionals.

The campaign « #Yes2Belgium » was set up by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Belgium. Howard Liebman, president of the AmCham Belgium, summarizes the campaign in one sentence :  "Belgium remains an exceptional place for living and working.”  Through this message, several Chambers of Commerce (e.g. of China, Canada, Brazil) have joined the initiative in order to attract foreign economic actors.

Last February 2016, the 11 chambers wanted to show their attachment to Belgium and to highlight the many positive features of our country for the companies and the investors. The terrorist attacks in the course of next month do not change the favorable context to the entrepreneurial and the image of Belgium for the panel of foreign investors. The latter continue to support the Belgian government in its struggle for security and stability.

Prime Minister Charles Michel could only appreciate the initiative « #Yes2Belgium » and reaffirmed the interests of Belgium for companies and the measures taken by the government in order to make Belgium the primary destination for investors. Belgium is an important country for investments ; that’s why numerous companies have confidence in Belgium.

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