Prince Albert Fund awards diplomas to young Belgians


The Prince Albert Fund awarded diplomas to 26 young Belgians last month who were commissioned to go and work abroad by a Belgian company.

These twenty-somethings had the opportunity to carry out a foreign project for either a Belgian company or a company headquartered in Belgium. They were selected on the basis of their potential to become a future business leader for a Belgian multi-national. Thanks to the Prince Albert Fund, a non-profit organisation under the management of the King Baudouin Foundation, they were given the chance to pick up some interesting experiences abroad.

The project is a win-win situation for both parties. On the one hand, these talented young people gain experience in their field and develop a more international mentality, while on the other business leaders can test whether running some operations abroad would be suitable for their organisation.

Prince Lorenz of Belgium awarded the diplomas personally. The Prince Albert Fund has given a total of 418 young Belgians this foreign opportunity since 1984.  Next year, the Fund will stretch beyond the Europe's borders and its participants will have the chance to run projects across the globe.