Preventing physical impairments in athletes


To improve athletes' endurance performances, Belgian start-up IDRO has developed technology able to measure lactate levels in muscles in real time.

Muscles produce lactic acid when subjected to prolonged effort. As a result of our body's production of this "metabolic waste", there is then a pain similar to a burning sensation that many cyclists have experienced in their thighs before reaching the top of a steep hill.

A few years ago, young Brussels start-up IDRO set itself the goal of developing technology able to continuously measure lactate levels in the muscles. Sweat, and more specifically its acidity level (pH), is analysed using sensors placed on the skin directly above the muscle being used. This information is transmitted to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The athlete therefore knows how long they can continue pushing without exceeding the limit and risking injury.

This technology has already been tested on dozens of athletes and is reaching the last stage of finalisation before being marketed in the summer. The designers are first targeting professional athletes whose performances are based primarily on endurance. These are long-distance runners and cyclists, for whom this type of data is crucial. But those who play team sports should also be interested in this advanced technology,

This is wonderful innovation to help avoid injuries!