Ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge to merge in 2022


The two Belgian ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge have announced their intention to merge. The process, which began with the signing of a memorandum between the cities of Antwerp and Bruges, should be completed within a year.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges will become the leading European port in a number of domains. The two Flemish ports are stressing their complementarity, with Antwerp leading the way in the transport and storage of containers, bulk goods and chemicals, while Zeebrugge is an important port in ro-ro (trucks loaded onto ships) and liquefied natural gas transport. Together, the new entity will become the thirteenth largest port in the world in terms of volume transhipped, with a total volume of 278 million tonnes. It also aims to become the largest hydrogen import centre in Europe.

However, the operation is not being considered solely in terms of growth. There are also plans to intensify the development of the project while respecting eco-responsibility. The ports will become greener by promoting river and rail transport between the two. Managers are highlighting the goal of becoming the first port to reconcile economy, population and climate.