The port of Antwerp performs better year after year


2017 was a record year for the port of Antwerp. For the fifth year in a row, it delivered record results. There were 223 million tonnes of goods handled in 2017; an increase of 4.4% compared to 2016. In particular, business with the United States increased significantly.

This is a result of stronger relations with North America, Latin America, and the Far East. Exports from the United States to the port of Antwerp, for example, rose by 10%. Only Europe, the largest shipping channel for Antwerp, lost the port some ground. There was a drop of 3.6%.

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of Antwerp Port Authority: ‘The favourable economic climate means that Antwerp has the wind in its sails. For the coming years, we are anticipating further growth in the handling of containers. In this respect, for 2018 we will continue to focus on extra capacity', he said. The only question is how Antwerp will create that extra capacity for containers. ‘For us, there is only one choice, and that is the Saeftinghedok', said the CEO. Although it’s the Flemish Government who will ultimately make the decision during the course of this year.