Orakel in Retie is most likely to be manufacturer of your festival wristband


If you need drink tokens and vouchers, badges, competition numbers for sports events, display signs, lanyards ... for festivals, hospitals, sports clubs and even for the Olympic Games, then Orakel in Retie (Kempen region) is the place to be.

Established in 1996, Orakel enjoyed widespread success with the production and exports of wristbands for festivals, a novelty at the time, to all over Europe. In its current product range, the drink tokens stand out, with a production of no less than 78 million per year, which makes the company world leader in that field. In recent years, traditional plastic has increasingly made way for environmentally-friendly recycled materials, such as starch from potato peelings, fishing nets, PET bottles and wood waste. And sustainability is more than ever the watchword. While 30% has now been recycled, by 2020, Orakel aims for almost all of its products to be made from biodegradable or recycled materials. They dream out loud of eco vinyl straps, possibly bamboo wristbands, all-paper drinks cups - i.e. without the current layer of plastic on it.


Orakel's strong points are, besides environmental and customer friendliness, the extensive office and export network, the web shop and the fact that all of the profits are forked back into the company, which means that there is always margin for new machinery and technologies.