This is not a plane …


The airline company Brussels Airlines is launching its new surrealist aircraft. Decorated with three artworks by the famous painter René Magritte, the Airbus A320 pays homage to a Belgian surrealist icon who viewed the world in an offbeat and poetic manner.

René Magritte had a particular fondness for the sky, and painted it in different manners in numerous works. Playing on the idea of escape through illusion and dream, the work depicted on the Brussels Airlines plane will accompany it both in the broad sense and literally. It incorporates three works by Magritte: La Belle Société (High Society) (1965-66), La Clairvoyance (Clairvoyance) (1936) and Le Retour (Return) (1940).

Until 2020, the new Airbus A320 will cross the skies of Europe, providing an original representation of Belgian’s rich culture. A win-win situation for the Magritte Foundation and Brussels Airlines, for which this is the 2nd plane dedicated to a Belgian artist, the first being Hergé who created Tintin.

By offering flights to no less than 90 destinations in Europe, Africa and the United States, Brussels Airlines provides transportation for over 500,000 passengers per month. Relying on over 80 years of Belgian aviation experience, Brussels Airlines is a dynamic airline company that combines the ingredients of a traditional airline with those of a “low-cost” airline. It is a member of Star Alliance, the global air transport alliance, which guarantees high-quality service.

In addition to its 3,500 employees and 49 planes providing more than 300 flights each day, Brussels Airlines upholds specific values. Remember during the Ebola virus pandemic, Brussels Airlines was the sole airline company to continue its flights to Africa, with the aim of transporting the equipment and aid workers required for its eradication. This Belgian airline also strives to showcase the many riches of Belgium, using culture and art.

If you spot the Magritte, take a photo and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #SNMagritte!